Tramadol User Reviews

Why I bought Tramadol for back pain? – Rita

I had surgery in my spine due to a sports injury when I was fifteen. I recovered fully from the surgery and was able to lead a normal life for many years. However, my job as a teacher has reactivated the pain in my back and on some days it is just unbearable that all I want to do is lie down. I was unable to give my best to my work as the working hours put extra pressure on my back. When I finally decided to get checked, my doctor prescribed me to buy Tramadol 50 mg. This has helped tremendously in suppressing my pain when I’m at work. Now I also do physical therapy with my doctor and have many pain-free days. Without the medicine I cannot imagine how I could have managed my lower back pain.

– Rita.

I ordered tramadol for choric pain – Jonah

I came to know drugs work differently for each person only when I began experiencing chronic pain. I never joined the guys for office parties and weekend getaways as I was ashamed to say that I was in constant pain. This was in spite of trying out different painkillers. I have tried various drugs like NSAIDs and narcotics but none of them seemed to work for me. Eventually, one of mates found out why I kept avoiding social events. I did as he said and soon bought the pills from one highly reputed internet drug store. The results were truly unbelievable! I can now have as much fun as I please without worrying about pain. I quickly built tolerance though and had to increase the dosage. For now I’m able to manage with Tramadol 100 mg every day. My pain management doctor is also pleased with the results.

– Jonah.

Very less side effects with Tramadol – Miriam

I don’t know about others but I had very few side effects when I was taking Tramadol. Initially, I was taking other drugs for my long-term Fibromyalgia. But the pain kept me from doing things pain-free. My doctor gave me tramadol prescription then asked me to go for the med and that’s what I’ve been taking for the past four years. At first I used to feel uneasy and even a bit constipated. But soon these effects wore off. Now I take only on days when the pain is unbearable and sometimes at the maximum dose. I’ve learnt ways to manage my pain. After getting prescribed the Fibro pain does not go away completely but helps tremendously in bringing the pain level down.

– Miriam.

Got tramadol 200mg off-label – Phil

I almost gave up on my doctor and life itself when no amount of antidepressants worked for me. Then I was put on Tramadol 200mg on a trial basis. I feel truly happy to say that my depression symptoms have gone and that too with minimum side effects. I don’t have weight gain or headaches like I used to with antidepressants.

– Phil