What are the cheapest trade names under which Tramadol is available?

Tramadol capsules 50 mgTramadol, a highly efficient narcotic pain med is available to customers in many forms and dosages. The advantages of Tramadol medication have been hugely profound in treating patients with various ailments and alleviating pain excellently. The drug is known as an opioid analgesic and acts as a potent pain reliever. You can also find the medication in extended release form which is used for round the clock treatment of pain.Tramadol can be availed in various forms like tablet, capsule, syrup, gel, ointment, cream, liquid or injection. Tramadol is a generic variant of Ultram and so is available under various trade names. It is being manufactured by different drug companies under different names. You can read this blog to know the cheapest brand names of Tramadol which are available in the market.

Cheap Tramadol Brand Names Available in the market

Among the many manufacturing companies, there are various low price Tramadol trade names. The price of tramadol pill differs for each trade name. Some sell Tramadol cheap while few trade companies sell the pill for a very high price. Few of the trade names under which cheap tramadol are available are:

  • Asic in the form of tablet, manufactured by Bhavishya pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
  • Acupain in the form of capsule, manufactured by Eden Healthcare
  • Cosdel in the form of injection, manufactured by Coastal healthcare
  • Dolriz in the form of injection, manufactured by Ritz pharma
  • Eltram P in the form of tablet manufactured by Elite pharma pvt ltd
  • Opigesic in the form of tablet, manufactured by Health guard (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Zotadol in the form of tablet, manufactured by Zota pharmaceuticals
  • Trump in the form of tablet, manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Ltd
  • Sedate in the form of capsule, manufactured by Venus Remedies and many more other trade names.

Different manufacturers of Cheap Tramadol Brand Names

Tramadol is manufactured upon the expiration of the brand patent Ultram. When the Ultram’s patent expired, a large number of companies began to prepare the generic variant of this medicine. Some simply mimicked the Ultram’s version while others infused few other ingredients making the drug look slightly different from the original Ultram pills. Though Tramadol is being manufactured by various companies, its efficacy is maintained the same. The medication is supposed to be chemically equivalent and equally effective with all its manufacturers. At least around seventy or more companies are known to keep Tramadol on Sale in different forms. Other names of Tramadol Trade names available are:

  • Acupain
  • Asic
  • Cosdel
  • Damol
  • Dolriz
  • Eltram P
  • Inodol
  • Opiran
  • Ramax
  • Strom
  • Tramasol
  • Zotadol
  • Trump

Cheap Tramadol Brand Names price at an approximate value

One trade name of Tramadol is the Ultracet which is available at a cost of $53 in the dosage strength of 325mg to 37.5mg containing a supply of 20 tablets. Another trade name of tramadol is the Conzip extended release which is available at a cost of $212 for a supply of 30 capsules in the dosage of 100mg at online pharmacies.

They are many cheap Tramadol brand names available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your budget and also the medication dose should match the prescription dose given by your physician.